About Michael Kistler

AboutMKMichael Kistler is a Hong Kong artist specializing in fine art street photography. Originally from Minneapolis, his photographic journey started in Europe at age 18 and has since taken him to numerous cities around the world chasing new images. After spending more than 10 years in Tokyo, he moved with his family to Hong Kong three years ago.

His time in Tokyo was instrumental to the development of his photographic style as he experimented with blur, movement and other abstract elements while drawing inspiration from street masters like Daido Moriyama and Saul Leiter. A signature element in his work is the often abstract human element and its connection to the city; the urban landscape and its structures provide permanence while people come and go, creating a dynamic environment of fleeting moments. He is constantly searching for and exploring unconventional perspectives and unique moments where people and the urban landscape collide, merge and co-exist.

In addition to having his work exhibited in Tokyo, NYC, Astoria, Minneapolis, London, Dublin, Porto and Hong Kong, Michael offers urban photography workshops and is co­-founder of Finding Yourself in the Streets, a series of international street photography workshops. Michael regularly conducts photography workshops in Hong Kong and has also done them in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Minneapolis, Dublin, Yangon and Kuala Lumpur.

His work has been featured by Volcom, Vans HK, Cathay Pacific, Vogue Italy, Localiiz HK, Mobiography Magazine, Street Dreams Mag, Drkrms, HK Magazine, Zolima CityMag, Style-tips.com, The Wanderlister, China Daily and the South China Morning Post. Some of his recent projects have been with Heidi Carey Design, PEN Hong Kong, Joselito, Any Time, Japanese artist Tashiro Ichi, Mahka Fashion Gallery, Estee Lauder, Amalfitana, Teen’s Key, Assaad Awad, Age of Learning, Oxford University Press and the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong where he provides customised urban photo experiences for their guests.

Michael’s exhibition ‘Melt with You’ at the Park Lane Hotel in Causeway Bay, HK opened on September 27, 2016 and ran to March 2017. His series of nightscape images marked the launch of the Pullman Artist Playground Series in China; ‘Melt with You’ moved from the Park Lane Hotel to the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and ran through the beginning of July, 2017. Select images from his last three collections are now on display at JaaBar, which is tucked away in the central wet market just off of Peel Street.

Michael’s collection of work available through Picture This Gallery in the UK: